What is a Geodesic Dome?

The Geodesic Dome, also known as Geodesy Tent is a spherical roof structured with steel bars joined together, forming triangles grouped in pentagons and hexagons.

Domos Spada

Spada has provided Geodesic Domes at dozens of events throughout Brazil and has had its professionalism recognized by renowned international Video Jockeys’ (VJs), as well as by large corporations.
To service the national market, Spada can develop the complete solution for your event, with an extensive and exclusive line of rental Geodesic Domes. They are manufactured using quality control, high safety standards, and a specialized team undertakes installations throughout Brazil.
The entire process of development, manufacture and installation of Domes and Geodesic Tents is carried out by Spada, which allows us to provide personalized and exclusive project management in the short term, in addition to offering technical support and assistance for the entire rental period.
We offer domes of varying dimensions and structural specifications in addition to a wide range of accessories for rental.

History of Geodesics

Geodesics are believed to have been known and used by mankind since ancient times. However, it was not until the mid-1950s that Robert Fuller Buckminster, an American architect and inventor, was able to develop mathematical models to define the geometry of geodesics based on microscopic observation of virus and crystal shapes in the human body. With its new calculation model, Buckminster made it possible to manufacture geodesic structures on an industrial scale. The first major project he carried out in 1967 was the construction of the famous Montreal Biosphere, which measured 76 meters in diameter.
When developing his mathematical model, one of Buckminster’s goals was to achieve greater efficiency, more resistance, faster assembly, reduced cost and low environmental impact when using less materials, compared to a conventional structure.
Since then, the Geodesic Dome has been used worldwide in buildings for various purposes, from homes, military installations, to large spaces for events. Today the most famous geodesics in the world are those of the Epcot Center at Disney World (Bay Lake / USA), Amazon Spheres (Seattle / USA), and the Montreal Biosphere (CA).

Spada Domes Line

Technical specifications

The Geodesic Domes manufactured by Spada have structures made of steel profiles, following the same standards of engineering calculations applied to permanent buildings (NBR-6120, 6123 and 8800), and can withstand winds of up to 50m/s or 180km/h.
The Domes designed and manufactured by Spada are based on Icosahedron and Octahedron, with frequencies starting from 3V in the Icosahedron of 6M and arriving in 14V for the Octahedron of 30M.
CustomDomes can be manufactured according to the needs of your project, with options including aluminum, stainless steel or an application of custom electrostatic painting.

The standard cover is made of high-strength white vinyl canvas with blackout film.
For custom projects, it can be made of specialized materials such as polyester nylon, transparent PVC, shade cloth, printed canvas or tensioned lycra.

Geodesic Domes can be mounted in almost any type of place, as long as the terrain is flat and the structure is properly fixed and anchored.
Because they are light and completely dismountable, the geodesic structures have a low transport volume and are easy to handle. This allows them to be assembled in places of difficult access, such as building roofs, indoor environments that do not allow access by trucks and heavy machinery, or even in remote places such as isolated mountains.

Projection screen:
Spada has pioneered 360° projection screens in Brazil with a negative pressure system.
Made of special materials for high resolution projections, the screens are available for all of our dome models, thus being able to transform any Geodesic Dome into “Fulldome”, suitable for immersive video projections in an image mapping system or Video Mapping”.

Emergency doors:
For greater security and sophistication of your event, SPADA offers in its rental line, pivoting doors with hydraulic springs manufactured in steel and glass, or fire-break type doors with panic bars which are ideal for large events.

Available models:

  • Dome: ø6m; ø8m; ø10m; ø15m; ø20m; ø25m and ø30m;
  • Fulldome: ø6m; ø10m; ø15m; ø20m;
  • Scenography: ø6m; ø7m (exclusive for indoor environments or installations without the use of cover cover)

Rental Periods:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semiannual
  • Yearly
  • Biennial
  • Triennial


  • Stands
  • Events
  • Shows
  • Fairs
  • Congresses
  • Field Exhibitions
  • Sustainable buildings
  • Temporary constructions (100% reusable and does not generate demolition waste)
  • Tents and storage sheds
  • Scenographies
  • Planetariums

Entre em contato com nossa equipe, e realize seu projeto. Ligue para +55 11 99866-1181 ou clique aqui e envie sua mensagem.
Atendemos em todo o território nacional.

What models of Geodesic Domes does SPADA have?

SPADA has several models of Geodesic Domes available for rental. Click on the links below to check the technical specifications for each option:

Catálogo dos Domos Geodésicos

Domo com 6 metros de diâmetro x 4,70m de altura e área total de 28m²

Domo com 7 metros de diâmetro x 4,80m de altura e área total de 38m²

Domo com 10 metros de diâmetro x 5,50m de altura e área total de 78m²

Domo com 15 metros de diâmetro x 7,50m de altura e área total de 176m²

Domo com 20 metros de diâmetro x 10m de altura e área total de 314m²

Domo com 25 metros de diâmetro x 12,5m de altura e área total de 490m² (consulte a disponibilidade)

Domo com 30 metros de diâmetro x 15m de altura e área total de 706m² (consulte a disponibilidade)

Certainly, some of these Geodesic Domes meet the size of your event, so choose the one that best fits and leave the execution with SPADA.

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